ora-19735: wrong creation SCN - control file expects initial plugged-in datafile

Cause: When a tablespace is plugged into a database, the tablespace is initially read-only. Oracle converts the header of the plugged-in datafiles (assign them a new creation SCN) when the tablespace is first made read-write. This error occurs when the creation SCN in the file header is different from the creation SCN in the control file, possibly because this is the converted datafile.
Action: Either restore the initial version of the plugged-in datafile, or continue database recovery, which will recover the control file.

creación de SCN incorrecta - el archivo de control espera un archivo de datos de plug-in inicial
SCN de création incorrect - le fichier de contrôle attend un fichier de données connecté initial
Falsche Erstellungs-SCN - Kontrolldatei erwartet anfängliche Plug-in-Datendatei
criação SCN errada - o ficheiro de controlo espera um ficheiro de dados ligado inicial
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